Energy Spiritual Healers, Unite!

Polar Lights - Energy Spiritual Healer - Steven Taylor - Pure Love - My Ancient Language - collage

“As a spiritual energy healer myself, Starseed, who can work in 5D & 3D, senior webmaster and graphic designer with over 20 years of experience helping you with your online presence, I make the technical and spiritual aspect of your life easier. Let’s Unite!

The directory helps the world raise its vibration quicker and more efficiently. Also, to increase your personal and business prosperity. I am intuitive, wise, and genuinely service-oriented and thrive when working alongside other people to create positive change in the world.

I am reliable and trustworthy, loyal and tenacious. In numerology, I am called “A Master Builder” – Master Number 22. My human design is “A Projector” 3/5 energy type.

My Soul Urge Number is 5. A free spirit. A real-life “Dora the Explorer” spreading good vibes all over the place. I have a curious mind and an intense thirst for adventure. Travel is my passion, and I feel my most alive when “Lucky my Blind Cat” and I travel on the open road, meet new people, and experiencing new things.

I have numerous abilities and technical skills, and I sustain more than one career at a time.

I help bring peace, remove heaviness, pain, emptiness. I help bring light, remove fearfulness that allows yourself to be who you have always been—calling upon your guides, ancestors and channeling messages to aid in protection. Helping you integrate into the prosperous life that you deserve.

I am a philosophical individual who is endlessly fascinated by human nature and strives to experience it all!

My mission is to be an inspirational presence in people’s lives and affect true and lasting change for the collective. Specifically, I’m here to change how people act and embody their purpose in the world.

I walk the path of the artisan, and my life is a spiritual journey.

I am on my last personal journey here on Earth to build the foundation we all need to root into this life. My highest path is being practical and applying the wisdom of my ancestors in a rapidly changing world. Occupying and rooted in the natural, material world of knuts and bolts living. So when people need instruction, I’m hands-on and exceedingly thorough.

Every day, I thank the Gods and the Universe for the night and ask to bless the day, bring all the right things, and take away all the wrong people. To guide me, lead me. I always ask that they continue to allow me to uplift humanity and glorify them.” – Steven Taylor ∆˚†¨≈ ∞

Strength and Energy - Black & White by Steven Taylor
'Strength and Energy' - Black & White by Steven Taylor - ©2008