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Our directory launch!

Our directory launch!

Lovely human, good morning! Let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for being so supportive, encouraging, and beautiful. Today I launch our new online directory for spiritual energy healers all over the world. There have been many ups, many downs. Technical issues to solve and positive energy to channel from mother Gaia during this past retrograde and today’s full moon.

What a fantastic opportunity I have to share something that will raise the world’s vibration and help bring you personal and business prosperity.

I’ve spent long hours and days building the beginning of this foundation community we need. Let’s unite! Here you can tell your unique story about yourself and your business. How do you offer the booking, time slots, share photos, and an excellent video? You can find it in my directory—also, your blog and online shop selling downloadable files or physical items. It’s just the tip of what features I have built into your directory healers.

If I have overlooked a category or service category, send me a message on the contact page. Or you can give me a call, and text messages are fine too. Let me know how we can unite and continue to build upon this launch of your directory. I love bouncing off ideas and putting them into tangible solutions! It brings up the intangible aspects and values I have set up for you. Please take a look at our listing package plans, Integrate, Presence, and Prosper. I know you will find this valuable and flexible for you and your healing business. Our directory is not perfect by any means, and there will be growing pains. Life unfolds as our gods, and the universe sees fit. I am trusting the process of evolution spiritually, physically, soulfully, and mindfully.

I hope I have been an inspiration to all healers around the world. Sending you all pure love, light, and happiness. – Steven Taylor ∆˚†¨≈ ∞

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

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I help bring peace, remove heaviness, pain, emptiness. I help bring light, remove fearfulness that allows yourself to be who you have always been—calling upon your guides, ancestors and channeling messages to aid in protection. Helping you integrate into the prosperous life that you deserve. So when people need instruction, I'm hands-on and exceedingly thorough.My mission is to be an inspirational presence in people's lives and affect true and lasting change for the collective. Specifically, I'm here to change how people act and embody their purpose in the world.Every day, I thank the Gods and the Universe for the night and ask to bless the day, bring all the right things, and take away all the wrong people. To guide me, lead me. I always ask that they continue to allow me to uplift humanity and glorify them.

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